Honour  Brian Russel and Dan Hampson

Dan Hampson and Brian Russell are well-known names in our industry. This is not only because of the significant technical contributions they have made to geophysics, but also because of the company they co-founded, Hampson-Russell Software Services Ltd., now a subsidiary of CGGVeritas.

This company has attracted world-wide attention for the quality of its software products. Geophysicists in companies around the world use these software modules, which are renowned for being user-friendly applications involving advanced algorithms and workflows. Their company, which started with a group of four people, has grown to over 70 people with offices in Calgary, Houston, Perth, Dubai, London, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow.

Both Brian and Dan have received many awards recognizing their outstanding contributions to our science and industry, most notably the CSEG Medal and the SEG Enterprise Award. This reflects not only their technical and business achievements, but also their significant involvements in both societies at the volunteer level.

The CSEG is honouring these two individuals at the forthcoming Joint Convention by dedicating two of the geophysical sessions to them. A recent interview with Dan and Brian conducted by John Logel and Satinder Chopra (RECORDER Committee), is presented below so that readers can learn more about their body of work and experience, and why the CSEG values and recognizes their contributions so highly.